Hay! Where's Our Horse?!!!???

Twice a day, every day,we head out to the barn

and our mini-horse, Ritz, greets us with a whinny.

But today..... not a sound.....
What do you mean he went to live with other horses so he'd be happier?

What was wrong with us? We were nice to him!

We loved that horse!
You mean we are stuck with just THESE GUYS?
You know they butt us with their horns!

Boy, this farm life can be rough :-(


Baby Huey is Turning into a GSD!

As she approaches 10 months, our Baby Huey (aka A-hound, Pup Pup, and Gypsy)
outweighs our boy Hero by 8 lbs.
She shares some of his expressiveness too.
She is a little bummed out because someone pulled the plug on the pond that she loves to swim in.
She just can't figure out what happened to the water.
It was a rainy day anyway so we came inside and played and that made Gypsy happy :-)


Sweet on Suz

Suzie is a riot.

You wouldn't know from watching her antics,

that she is a strong alpha here. But she is.

It's just that she's so funny.
Like here where she's helping Lar pick out treats online.

She likes the looks of them, and together they decide on their favorites.

I'm sorry, Miss Suz, you may be a tough lady that can keep all the other girls, and Tango, in line, but YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!!! :-)


What the #$%$, I got a huck!

There is nothing like a Poppy. That's what Hero thinks, and Hoppy too. So we submitted a picture to the GSD Adventures' April Showers bring May Flowers Photo Contest. Hoppy was thrilled to win second prize. And then today, something came in the mail.... Watch the video to see what it was....


For all the Dog Moms!

Thank Goodness for Moms! Without them where would we be?

Jessie with her pups

Itta's Mom, Sidney with Itta and her siblings

Our friend Pruett, from GSD Adventures, posted pictures of himself and his Mom, and it sounds like another friend, Cooper, might do the same soon. Since it's fun to see the Moms with their progeny, we decided to do the same as a Mother's Day tribute to the Mothers that gave us life.

Hero and his Mom, Hiawatha

Tango and his Mom, Hope

and her Mom, Ivy Pashi Mom Ivy

and her Mom, Sidney Itta Mom, Sidney

and her Mom, Star

Hoppy and Jumpy and (maybe) their Mom, Sparky

And we have no idea who Jess's Mom is because Jess was rescued from a Kill Shelter in Georgia, with no background information.
Oh well, Jess....you were a really good mother yourself, under difficult conditions, so your Mom must have been a good one to model that mothering for you. Happy Mother's Day to her wherever she is! And to you too!

And Suz, I'm sorry we have no photo of your Mom, Shelby :-( But you have taken such good care of every puppy that's come here. You will be a wonderful mother yourself, hopefully, within a few months.
So Happy Mothers Day to you too!

And Last, but not least, Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers out there, no matter what species you might be contributing to!

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