Water's nice, but we love that Ice

Gypsy is seven months old. This is the first time she has seen the pond turn from ice to water.

Hero shows her what you can do with it.

You can stick your head under and look for leaves and stones.
Or you can take a nice cool drink from it.

Itta and Gypsy love the ice, and are happy there is still plenty.
They hunt ice together. Gypsy knows that if she gets a good piece, Itta will want it.
Oh oh.... Itta drops hers because it is small.

What a thrill to have the biggest sheet of ice. What ever will these guys do when the ice is gone?

Tango and Pashi are not worried. They know about THE BALL.

Welcome to our Blog!

We're excited to have a place where we can post about all that is going on here at Shepherds' Ledge Farm. The most exciting thing right now is that the SNOW IS MELTING!!! Our pond is coming alive again as a place to do something besides catch pieces of ice and run with them.


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