Blog Award Fun

Our beautiful Queen Emma Rose and her royal clan gave us this.

Not sure what it is, are you?

No, but it's lovely.
Might work for fetching or chewing. It might even skim on the pond.
Thank you so much, Emma Rose.

I think we should give it to some of our deserving Blogger friends

so they can play with it too.

If they don't accept awards, we hope they will just accept this message as a big compliment and expression of appreciation of a blog we get great enjoyment from.

We present this award to:
  • Our good friends at CK Farm, where Kerri shares information and the fun of farming chickens and goats (and GSDs) CK Farm Happenings
  • Our pals, Daphne and Pruett at GSD Adventures, who are as different as night and day, and who share their lives in a way that never ceases to amuse us.
  • And Wolf, the moderator of GSD Files, where beautiful photos and stories of GSDs are shared.
Thank you for the award, Emma Rose, and we'll be thinking of you today as we know it is Queen Emma Rose Day around the world.
You've come a long way, Baby!

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