Blog Award Fun

Our beautiful Queen Emma Rose and her royal clan gave us this.

Not sure what it is, are you?

No, but it's lovely.
Might work for fetching or chewing. It might even skim on the pond.
Thank you so much, Emma Rose.

I think we should give it to some of our deserving Blogger friends

so they can play with it too.

If they don't accept awards, we hope they will just accept this message as a big compliment and expression of appreciation of a blog we get great enjoyment from.

We present this award to:
  • Our good friends at CK Farm, where Kerri shares information and the fun of farming chickens and goats (and GSDs) CK Farm Happenings
  • Our pals, Daphne and Pruett at GSD Adventures, who are as different as night and day, and who share their lives in a way that never ceases to amuse us.
  • And Wolf, the moderator of GSD Files, where beautiful photos and stories of GSDs are shared.
Thank you for the award, Emma Rose, and we'll be thinking of you today as we know it is Queen Emma Rose Day around the world.
You've come a long way, Baby!


The Pash Turns TWO!

We just celebrated Pashi's second birthday!

It seems like only yesterday that Patchwork's Passion came to us as a pup.

and what a fun pup she was!

But there's no denying she's a young lady now.
She takes her fake-duck patrol job seriously
and finally dares to challenge the King.

Happy Birthday, Miss Pash!


We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Happy happy happy. Snow is our favorite thing in the world.


Happy Fall!

The dogs are enjoying the lovely Fall weather,

Suzie is in a great mood and shows Pup Pup how to somersault.

Everyone got a little worried when Suz went for a swim on her own.

We were all so happy when she rejoined the pack!

We're appreciating our last Fall here... sure is pretty!


Colorado Kara!

Our Sister, Kara visited us in NH!

She was soooo much fun!

She really knows what dogs need.

Like kisses,

and hugs.

We even took turns sleeping in bed with her :-)

We miss her already,

but know we'll be seeing her much more

when we move to Colorado!!!



Goats and Sheep Need New Home

Unfortunately, we can't drive across the country with our sheep and goats :-(

So they are available.

We're looking for a good pet home

for the goats

and hopefully someone who will appreciate the sheep for their fine fiber and/or the lambs they can produce.

This has been a close little herd of four sheep and we'd like to place them together if possible.

Mini Pru is the mother of our other Shetland

(Mini-Mini Pru) and is the leader of the herd.

The other two are Navajo Churros, and are 1.5 years old (same age as Mini-Mini Pru).

They are from fine stock and would produce beautiful lambs.

If you are interested in more info please look at the following URL and contact me.


These goats and sheep are all up to date on shots and worming.
We will be careful not to leave any of our farmyard friends in homes where they will be eaten or sent off to slaughter.


Visitors at Shepherds' Ledge

Guess who is here

vacationing at Shepherds' Ledge!

Yep! It's the relaxed D-Bear Daphne,

and her Go Go Go bro, Pruett!
Daphne is happy sniffing the grass, heck...

she's mostly just a happy girl, no matter what.

We were thrilled at how all the girls got along.

After just a little negotiation about pack order,

Daphne and Pruett very quickly,

became part of our pack!

Pru is a working boy, all the way.

Much to be done here, with balls to be carried,

plastic ducks to be gathered,

and water to be captured.

Luckily, there is a Czechy partner here,

not that Pru needs any help!

Nah...Pru had that water quite under control.

Of course that didn't mean he could relax because...

he also learned that girls can be a lot of fun.

What a ladies' man that Pru turned out to be!

His sis was very good about sharing him

because that's the kind of sweet, goofy, wonderful pup she is!

They might be as different as night and day,

but each so cool in their own way.

What fun we had! Thanks for visiting!

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