Little Miracles

We explore a lot at the Ledge

and the dogs keep an eye out

for change

which happens all the time.

The flowers are transformed constantly

and creatures come and go.

There are always new lessons

about things like reflection,

resilience, adaptation

harmony, cooperation,

and the wonder of the unique and different.

Or it could just be a mushroom mutated from acid rain,

and a fern that got stuck under a growing mushroom.

But why miss the miracles?

The dogs don't....

maybe this one, who makes us revisit

the Acid Rain Hypothesis.

;-) ;-) ;-)

The Stuffy Puppy

The terriers around here put up with a lot from the young GSDS
so Jessie's favorite toy
is a GSD that she's ALLOWED to beat up!
Her Stuffy Puppy is always getting thrown around
and munched. But sometimes,
the GSDs even want her Stuffy Puppy!
They have their OWN toys
But when they see
how much fun Jess has with stuffy puppy
they get the idea

that a GSD puppy, belongs
of course, with GSDs.
It only makes sense,


Yep. The Stuffy Puppy is fun alright,

but the GSDs kindof thought
Jess would want it back
which would be much more fun.

But Miss Jess has moved on.

For now.

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