The Rest Up Close

I am Jessie. Some call me the "warpig"

but I am truly a lover.

This is the best place I've lived. I hope I won't ever have to leave.

I am Hoppy. I am a great hunter, and a lover of the ladies.

I would die for my people.

I am Hero.

This is my pack.

I make sure all is well.


We went out for our usual walk yesterday, and we were happy to have a sunny day after lots of rainy ones.

We headed towards the pond even though it's been empty, just to see if there's any more stinky things to roll in, or if we can play red ball even without water. You won't believe what we found there!

That's right! Our pond returned! We played red ball, and fake ducks, and got nice and wet :-)

Ahhh.....life is good.

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