We're Moving!


Eeeeeee Haaaaaaa!

Bring on the cows!!!

Mountains? What's that?


Happy Birthday Daphne!

How exciting to see you and your brothers Cooper and Argus,
and your Sis, Diamonte, on your birthday at GSD Adventures!
Here's your lovely Mom Anna in this collage, too!

(the pup pics in the collage are all Daphne, but who would know? :-)
Can you find Anna? :-)

Like your bro, you were a little bear cub the last time we saw you :-)

You could certainly hold your own,

and you won the hearts of the guys, little

and big.

(you might have to click on that one to even see you in the snowbank!)

The girls loved you too...

You were so much fun, and so sweet at the same time.

Happy Birthday D-Bear.

We can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!


Our Turn!

Who says only those young GSDs are agile?

Anything they can do, we can do better.
Okay, so what exactly is it

that you want us to do? Something like

this? Piece of cake!

OH! Not just my head? My whole body through?

Look, Hero! I can

do it!!!! We're agility dogs now!!!

What do you mean you can't jump? You can tunnel, can't you?

Oh yeah, we're agility dogs now!

Agility Play

On Sunday, we messed around with the jumps.

It was the first time for Pashi and Itta because
they're both over a year and 1/2 now so they can jump!

Pash thought maybe she was supposed to swing on her belly,

but boy was she proud when she made it through!

Suzie wanted to show off...she's done some agility before.

She even practiced by herself while Larry was giving instructions to the newbies.

Soon everyone followed.

They took turns and

just look at that pride on those faces!
(Hero can't jump, but he likes to watch)

Next, Suzie demonstrated the double jump

while the others watched with interest.

Itta's first jump....could she do it?

Hey, this jump is way too low!!

Typical Itty.

Suzie went off on her own and proudly demonstrated

the triple jump

for her friends.

Then she went back to the tire,

and everyone followed again.

This is called jumping a tire with a GSD under it.

Good doggies!

Next time we'll do our tunnel, so Hero can show off too.


Happy B-Day Pruett!

You are such a handsome young man on your Birthday.

It's hard to believe almost 8 months have gone by

since we saw you last.

You were just a bear cub then.

A real bear cub, it seemed,

because you sure loved to tumble around,

and chase everyone.

Which is fine, of course,

because that's how we play too!

Plus will never get out of hand

with Hero watching.

He got a kick out of you last time....

he thought you had ChArAcTeR!

It's going to be so much fun

to play with you again in a few weeks!

We can't wait till you and your Sis

come to rumble.


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