The Backup Pond

So, when our swimming pond dried up, they gave us THIS!!!

Like this puny pool would keep us happy. Right.

So we sneak off into the woods,

to our special BACKUP pond.

Our people think it's creepy,

with the strange colors the sun makes

in the places it can get past the trees,
and the leaves that cover the ground, and the bottom of the pond.

But we think it is way cool here,

and you can't find a better place in the world for STICKS,

(one of the best things in life).

They are all over down here!

We love our hidden vernal pool

and the muck we bring back home with us.

Being hosed off later is well worth it

because even though this shaded vernal pool lasts longer than the one in the pasture,

it too, will dry and and disappear before too long.

So we enjoy it while we can!
Oh yeah!

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