A Thought from Pup Pup


The Lower Pond

The dogs were thrilled to go to the lower pond!

We rarely play there

because it's down a big hill

and involves bushwacking through prickerbushes

(which the dogs think is a blast).

It's like a different world down there,

with dead trees all over the place

that make geese like these invisible to the dogs.
(Click on the photo to make it bigger if you can't see them either :-)

The dogs are mesmerized by all the colorful floating things.

Jumpy walks around in the water,

and as Pup Pup walks,

she samples the menu.


Pash mostly cares for her ball on the shore,

while Hoppy, as always, hunts frogs.

This time, toward the end of our visit to the lower pond,

he even got lucky!

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