We are NOT RAW!!! Stanislaw!! ##$##%%##@!!!

Someone recently drooled in response to my picture, and said
"Perhaps I shouldn't tell you that goat happens to be my favorite kind of feasting meat..."
Well, Jasmine and I (Bo Goat) have heard that SHEEP is much more yummy.
MUCH better!!!! Lambchops, lamb roast, Pro-Plan Shredded Blend with LAMB! The coyotes that visited apparently agreed since they ate up Fiona.
Didn't touch us goats.... (whew!) Then again, no one would dare touch Jasmine.... she throws German Shepherds in the air with those horns!
We were on our way to the slaughterhouse when we were rescued, so we figure we have a second lease on life.
We live in PEACE wit h these guys.
Then again, Hero seems to think we'd make a nice snack
so we stay in when he's out.
Hoppy says "make love, not war!"
(but he does love that Pro-Plan shredded blend with lamb :-}
You wanna eat over sometime, Stanislaw,
you are going to have to have a talk with Jasmine! :-)

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