Naked Sheepies

Today the sheep got all fixed up for Spring. First the Vet came out and gave the girls a clean bill of health after their attack a month ago. Then he gave them vaccinations. And THEN the shearer, Jay, gave them all their first haircut and pedicure. Here's Mini Mini Pru's before picture:

The girls were so well behaved for all of this...I was amazed. Here are a few DURING pictures:
Mini Mini needed to have one of her horns trimmed because it was curving into her head as it grew: And the AFTER pictures: TA DA!!!! Mini Mini all naked, and a beautiful huge ball of soft fiber.One by one, the girls got all neat and clean.

Here's Colleen getting her "do."

Here's Cara having her trim, and pedicure.

It's funny how the unsheared sheep are flabberghasted when they see the newly shorn pal return. They have no idea who she is and run away from her, while the newly shorn gal tries desperately to get back into the middle of her flock. It's also amazing how someone who has worked with sheep for so long can manage to hold their bodies with his own, while efficiently and neatly removing their wool all in one big piece.
So now I just need to figure out what to do with these really cool gigantic balls of soft soft fiber!


  1. If you need any more Mr. Grayson's made send some my way. :P

  2. Ha ha.... can I post a picture of Mr. Grayson before his untimely demise?


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