Close Up

I am Jumpy. I am as tough as any Shepherd.
I sleep under the covers.

I am Pashi.
I guard the house at night.

I smile alot.
I am Itta. Some call me "the Sniper."
This is my own ball.

I am the fastest dog here, so no one can take it.

I get to sleep in the big bed sometimes.
I snuggle real close.

I am Suzie. I jump real high and act silly.

I am also the alpha girl and love raw chickens.

I am Tango. I am a man-dog.
Hoppy kisses up to make sure I don't eat him.

I love people and all the girls here.

I am Pup Pup.
I am the youngest and biggest one here.
I try hard not to get in trouble,
but lately people get mad when I jump up.

Hero, Jessie, and Hoppy will get close up soon
See you then!


  1. Funny! I like the dogs telling us about themselves. Nicely done. I would love to be surrounded by all of them. Jumpy seems to have a little Napoleon complex, having to state that he's as tough as any Shepherd. Well maybe not. In other photos he holds his own in that big crowd of Shepherds.

  2. Wonderful photos. Now I know who is who :)
    Lot's of different personalities there too!

  3. My how your pack has grown! I have so missed the wonderful photos and look forward to exploring these pages!


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