The Lower Pond

The dogs were thrilled to go to the lower pond!

We rarely play there

because it's down a big hill

and involves bushwacking through prickerbushes

(which the dogs think is a blast).

It's like a different world down there,

with dead trees all over the place

that make geese like these invisible to the dogs.
(Click on the photo to make it bigger if you can't see them either :-)

The dogs are mesmerized by all the colorful floating things.

Jumpy walks around in the water,

and as Pup Pup walks,

she samples the menu.


Pash mostly cares for her ball on the shore,

while Hoppy, as always, hunts frogs.

This time, toward the end of our visit to the lower pond,

he even got lucky!


  1. Wow, you are so lucky to have more than one pond! We don't even have one. The froggie was neat. I bet he was a little bit nervous :)
    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Those dogs really have THE LIFE. As usual, I love the way you are showing us the Ledge life. I'm still confused about how many Shepherds you currently have and what their names are. Maybe you can do a post with photos and names so I can start recognizing these great dogs. I would really love to come visit you one of these days just to hang with the whole gang.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful comments, Emma Rose and Wolf....it makes me feel like I have friends enjoying our playtime with us :-)

    Wolf, I can see how you'd be confused because I often randomly include several pics of one dog or another and you might think they are different dogs LOL. We have six GSDs here. I like your idea for an identifying post... I've wanted to describe the differences between the different types of GSDs here too, so perhaps I can try to clarify who each dog is by temperament/size/conformation etc. as well as name so they'll be easier to recognize. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Hoppy! Frogs are my MOSTEST FAVORITEST source of protein. Delish! I used to catch them in Texas and hold them in my mouth 'til they stopped kicking. My folks thought it was totally gross and horrible and they tried to make me stop, but the frogs were EVERYWHERE. And they make your mouth foam like crazy if you get one. HA!

    Once I caught a little one and my people didn't know it, and when I got back home I put him in my sleepies crate to play with later. I buried him in my blankies but my dad found him anyway. Not fair!

    Was yours tasty?

  5. Oh, I wasn't THAT lucky, Stanislaw.... I rarely can catch them in the water. I was lucky just to FIND him and look him in the back of the head so close up.

    BUT, I'll have to post something for you that's a real taste treat I get sometimes. AFTER my Mom screams bloody murder, that is. You're gonna drool....you wait....


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