No Wings on these Guests!

The big dogs get bored

with the tadpoles and frogs, so

it thrills them when they find this guy!

You probably can't tell his size in photos,

but he is between 3.5 and 4 feet long!

He has fake teeth painted on his face...real big!

His head is real tiny,

compared to his fat body!
He is fast, though,

especially when he slides into the water.

This guy can really swim!

The dogs don't have a chance....

but he leaves a GREAT musky smell behind for them,

and babies to find under stones all around the lake!

What more could a dog ask?


  1. Oh No! We hate snakes!!!! Is it a dangerous one? We have little snakes at our place and seeing one is enough to make the Duchess run, screaming like a banshee! Your dogs are very brave. Probably because they are GSD's. :)

    Emma Rose

    PS Thanks for the nice comments on my herding post. It was a pretty exciting day for me :)

  2. Oh no, snakes!!!! We have had a few in our yard - do be careful, is that a bad snake???

    Woo, the OP Pack

  3. Nah....thanks for your concern, guys, but our Mom looked up Vernal Pool and New England snakes right away and found out just what we thought...these are NICE snakes. :-) They are called Northern Water Snakes and you can compare one to ours at:

    It does say they will strike repeatedly if cornered, and the bites will bleed profusely, but heck....that's nothing. We are GSDs, after all ;-) That just makes it more interesting to chase them!

    Mom, on the other hand, is watching a little more carefully when she walks in the pond :-)

    It's funny :-)

    Love you guys,
    The gang


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