The Stuffy Puppy

The terriers around here put up with a lot from the young GSDS
so Jessie's favorite toy
is a GSD that she's ALLOWED to beat up!
Her Stuffy Puppy is always getting thrown around
and munched. But sometimes,
the GSDs even want her Stuffy Puppy!
They have their OWN toys
But when they see
how much fun Jess has with stuffy puppy
they get the idea

that a GSD puppy, belongs
of course, with GSDs.
It only makes sense,


Yep. The Stuffy Puppy is fun alright,

but the GSDs kindof thought
Jess would want it back
which would be much more fun.

But Miss Jess has moved on.

For now.

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  1. I got a new stuffie too! I've had it a whole day and it's not chewed up yet!


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