Visitors at Shepherds' Ledge

Guess who is here

vacationing at Shepherds' Ledge!

Yep! It's the relaxed D-Bear Daphne,

and her Go Go Go bro, Pruett!
Daphne is happy sniffing the grass, heck...

she's mostly just a happy girl, no matter what.

We were thrilled at how all the girls got along.

After just a little negotiation about pack order,

Daphne and Pruett very quickly,

became part of our pack!

Pru is a working boy, all the way.

Much to be done here, with balls to be carried,

plastic ducks to be gathered,

and water to be captured.

Luckily, there is a Czechy partner here,

not that Pru needs any help!

Nah...Pru had that water quite under control.

Of course that didn't mean he could relax because...

he also learned that girls can be a lot of fun.

What a ladies' man that Pru turned out to be!

His sis was very good about sharing him

because that's the kind of sweet, goofy, wonderful pup she is!

They might be as different as night and day,

but each so cool in their own way.

What fun we had! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Pru looks like a Bear in the water pictures! Glad everyone got along too.

  2. Always love the pictures and stories! They are gorgeous pups! Glad they are having fun together!

  3. Wow! It looks like the doggies had a pawsome time and we hope you had a relaxing vacation as well! What a great place!
    xo Sammie


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