Goats and Sheep Need New Home

Unfortunately, we can't drive across the country with our sheep and goats :-(

So they are available.

We're looking for a good pet home

for the goats

and hopefully someone who will appreciate the sheep for their fine fiber and/or the lambs they can produce.

This has been a close little herd of four sheep and we'd like to place them together if possible.

Mini Pru is the mother of our other Shetland

(Mini-Mini Pru) and is the leader of the herd.

The other two are Navajo Churros, and are 1.5 years old (same age as Mini-Mini Pru).

They are from fine stock and would produce beautiful lambs.

If you are interested in more info please look at the following URL and contact me.


These goats and sheep are all up to date on shots and worming.
We will be careful not to leave any of our farmyard friends in homes where they will be eaten or sent off to slaughter.


  1. Wish we could help you out! I would LOVE to herd those sheep :) When is the big move going to happen? We thought maybe you left already because you have been so quiet! Hope you find wonderful homes for all the babes.

    Emma Rose

  2. What sweet faces! I hope you are able to find homes for them!


  3. Thanks Emma Rose and Jane! The sheep all went together to a wonderful new home. Suzie herded them up into the back of the buyer's van like a pro and I realized the sheep really did a good job of teaching a few of the dogs to herd. The dogs keep looking for their sheep which is kindof sad :-( but maybe they will have sheep again one day.


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