Gentle Beasts? Some of us...sometimes.... :-}

A kind friend named Emma Rose recently said something about us at Shepherds' Ledge being gentle.

Well.....that's a hard one because we are, after all, beasts :-)

We're always making sure everyone knows who is at what level in our pack

and who fits in who else's mouth. You know, important stuff like that.But for a large gang of beasts, real big to real small
prey, and predators,and some that can be serious and get pretty intense at times, like GSDs and pitty mixes and GOATS, we'd have to say in the gentle department we're doing okay :-)

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  1. How exciting to see my name in your blog!!! Truly, your pack is amazing. Wonderful pictures. I can't imagine being inside the jaws of a great big GSD! Thank you :)


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