Shepherds' Ledge Lamb rules

The rules here are a bit confusing, but we're getting the idea.

  1. comes in can
  2. human opens it for you
  3. smells better inside than outside
  4. doesn't move or make noise so not so attractive until opened
  5. Eat in bowl
  1. Comes in large squeak toy
  2. Have to open by yourself (NOT ALLOWED! BIG TROUBLE!)
  3. Smells great on outside too (Yum)
  4. Moves and makes noise and, darn, oh so attractive!
  5. Eats out of bowl
We're getting it quite well. And man, that stuff in the can is NOT HALF BAD!!!

Oh and one more thing:

We are told that even if they ARE in a bowl, these things will kill ya.


  1. Boy, even tho they look awful tasty, if those things are poison, it's a good thing Feather is allergic to them. One of us bein allergic means NONE of us get to eat it, so we'll just gaze at them, dream & drool! ;)

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  2. Your posts about lambs and goats have had us laughing out loud! What a hoot! We really enjoy your blog and would like to tell you how awesome your dogs are. We can tell they are extremely intelligent and gentle. Wow. We are new followers and look forward to many more posts.

    Emma Rose and The Duchess

  3. Just for the record... My Bo-Goat is not poison. He just fights back!


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