Time to feed the goaties and sheepies....

For Feasters..... please note this is time to FEED the goaties and sheepies...not EAT them.


  1. We want to come visit and help!!!

    The GSD Adventures Pack

  2. Wait... who are you feeding them to?!

    So, after reading your comment I was all like - Mom! I NEED to feast on whole chickens for breakfast!! - and she was all like - NO WAY! One chicken will feed you for SIX DAYS! - I don't get it. You get to eat a whole bird!!!

    My mom is stinky. Can I move in with you?

  3. Ha ha ha.... come on now...you know we aren't allowed to eat the goats and sheep here. We just move them around (but it IS awfully fun to chase them :-) All we have to do is look at them and the whole bunch of sheep runs like crazy....we move this way, they move that way. Very fun :-)

    I'll post a pic of the only kind of sheep we're allowed to eat. We aren't even allowed to nip the ones that aren't in a can. "NO BITE!" Mom yells if we even think about it.

    and yeah, sometimes we get a whole chicken...Those of us who weigh over 90 lbs. usually get whole ones. Some of us smaller ones get real small chickens or half. It's a blast to carry them around with wings and stuff dangling down and waggling when you shake the whole bird to pretend you're killing it. SIX DAYS....wow....that's not going to be a very big or flappable piece of cluck, poor man :-(

    Maybe you'll get a cornish hen one day?

  4. Cute video, they do real good Linda Blair imitations! BOL!!! (we're so funny, BOL!!!)

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^
    (*note from DawgMom, I REALLY do try to teach them manners, but they are terriers.) :P


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