Jessie's Shoot

Wolf suggested that the Pixies look like they're doing a Playboy shoot :-) Well, if that's the case, then Jessie is all set for Hustler ;-)


  1. Too funny! It's a good thing there was a serious GSD nearby!

  2. I don't know if I can keep visiting with all that Doggie porn going on. LoL.

    But seriously, Jessie looks like a very sweet dog and you can always tell a dog is happy when they go belly up.

  3. Yep...Jessie is possibly our happiest dog. She is also the one that came closest to death. She was pulled from a kill shelter the day before she was scheduled to die. She was pregnant at the time with eight pups. She was pretty miserable when she arrived here in a car with two other rescued dogs and her 4 week old puppies, after a drive from Georgia to Boston. The pleasure of watching her get happier and happier and happier has been her great gift to us.

  4. Woe, provocative. Definitely center fold material!

    Those two need to get a room! lol


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