Tribute to Isis

Once again Wolf has been kind enough to post a few of our pictures on the GSDFiles blog in that aesthetically pleasing way he has. Seeing our beloved Isis on the web again two years after her death is still heartbreaking. Thank you, Wolf, for your tribute, and for helping us remember the good times she brought us. You inspired us and gave us strength to post a tribute of our own.

Isis was Hero's half sister, and she raised him from a pup in her rough way and he loved her more than anything. He still loves the toughest girls best :-/

Sometimes I think we tried to find Isis again, and again, and again, without the fear and aggression, as we collected our pack. We didn't, of course. We found Suzie and Pashi and Itta and Pup Pup.... a whole pack to make Hero happy and for us to love. A very wonderful pack of dogs, and no one is fear aggressive.

But there will NEVER be another Isis. :-(

Despite the wonderful days with wonderful dogs that we have now, I don't know if we'll ever stop missing the incredible sensitivity and energy that was our girl Isis.

Isis (2004-2007)


  1. This is a wonderful and touching tribute. It brought tears to my eyes. She was beautiful.

  2. When you have lost a heart-dog there isn't enough time on this planet to wash away the sorrow and tears. I know your pain and I'll feel your pain again because I can't live my life without animals...

  3. I can't say it better than Scout 'n Freyja.

  4. Great tribute to Isis! She is so beautiful! You have a big heart for all you did to try to help her!


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