Happy B-Day Pruett!

You are such a handsome young man on your Birthday.

It's hard to believe almost 8 months have gone by

since we saw you last.

You were just a bear cub then.

A real bear cub, it seemed,

because you sure loved to tumble around,

and chase everyone.

Which is fine, of course,

because that's how we play too!

Plus will never get out of hand

with Hero watching.

He got a kick out of you last time....

he thought you had ChArAcTeR!

It's going to be so much fun

to play with you again in a few weeks!

We can't wait till you and your Sis

come to rumble.



  1. I can't believe he finally grew into those ears in picture 2. At the time he didn't seem so tiny but my how he has grown!!! What fun humans and animals will have soon! :D

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes! See you monkeys soon!

  3. Happy Birthday Pruett!

    You are a very handsome and sweet Shepherd. Did you ever consider a modeling career? You could make it into any GSD magazine centerfold.

  4. It is always so much fun to play with friends and to wish them a happy birthday! You guys are just the best☺

  5. You are a special pup because you share the same birthday with Miss Sera! Happy Birthday Pru!


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