Agility Play

On Sunday, we messed around with the jumps.

It was the first time for Pashi and Itta because
they're both over a year and 1/2 now so they can jump!

Pash thought maybe she was supposed to swing on her belly,

but boy was she proud when she made it through!

Suzie wanted to show off...she's done some agility before.

She even practiced by herself while Larry was giving instructions to the newbies.

Soon everyone followed.

They took turns and

just look at that pride on those faces!
(Hero can't jump, but he likes to watch)

Next, Suzie demonstrated the double jump

while the others watched with interest.

Itta's first jump....could she do it?

Hey, this jump is way too low!!

Typical Itty.

Suzie went off on her own and proudly demonstrated

the triple jump

for her friends.

Then she went back to the tire,

and everyone followed again.

This is called jumping a tire with a GSD under it.

Good doggies!

Next time we'll do our tunnel, so Hero can show off too.


  1. Looks like alot of fun! Is that your own personal course? Wish we had one of those - and with a dog who doesn't like going through the tire, we could use it, too!

  2. Hi Sam,
    Yes it sure is alot of fun, although it's embarrassing to see your blog with REAL agility courses :-) Ours is kindof a free for all at times. Yes, that's our course....we have another tire jump and weave poles to put up. I need to read up on how to train weave poles...
    Thanks for visiting, Sam!

  3. Wow! Wish my Duchess could teach me that stuff!
    Good job everybody!

  4. Oh, Emma Rose,
    You would put us all to shame if the Duchess set you up with agility toys....but what we'd really like to see is YOU with our SHEEP! You'd look SO COOL jumping over stuff or moving our sheep around. The goats? Forget it! Our Mom saw a beanbag border collie yesterday and thought of you. Humans are so strange!

  5. Coolness! Nice set up! Looks like everyone was having a blast! I always wanted to do agility with Kal, but because he has such issues I couldn't do it :( It' nice to see healthy shepherds jumping hurdles! Do you plan on doing any competions? More agility pictures please!

  6. I know what you mean about Kal. His bro Hero is the same way. He's such a proud dog too, so I know he wishes he could do what everyone else is doing. Sometimes when we pass the riding ring, Hero runs in there, through the tunnel and comes back out SO PROUD of himself :-) These guys are way too young to have to watch from the sidelines :-( But yeah, it's a real kick to watch the others (even fatso Jessie ;-) jump so easily and LOVING it!
    Kisses and hugs to brother Kal, Ms Sera, and the goats, chickens, cats, and kids! (Little Chloe too if you still get to see her at all)


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